The Concepts


Perhaps this is the best thing you have been looking for. Yes, you are right; it is "A village in city"- Surajgarh. Are you bored of sitting on your chair in front of smart screens 24x7?

Are you looking for some "me" time or family time? Are you planning an amazing vacation in your budget? Are you planning to have unlimited fun? Here we are with a solution to all your worries at Surajgarh.

At Surajgarh, we are bringing to you the fusion of two states- Haryana and Rajasthan, which are well known for their vibrant cultures. If you are craving for a village life experience, this would be the best place. Our aim is to preserve and present the village life in the era of rapid urbanisation. The concept came out of the realisation that how, the real village life is no more easily accessible to the people in the cities of modern India. We are sure that the time spent in Surajgarh would be a life time experience for not just Indian's residing in cities, but also for the tourists visiting India.

You will have it all at Surajgarh. From the smell of mud, folk dance, mehndi, agricultural activities, head massage, tubewell bath to camel rides and many more games and adventurous activities. Our motive is to give you an experience worth your time with instant smile on your face at Surajgarh. We along with our master architect, visited nearby villages and forts before starting with the concept, whereas we have tried to make our own amalgamation of the cultures of Haryana and Rajasthan. We are bringing you the best chef's from the royal palaces. Also, Surajgarh has artisans from all over Rajasthan. So that, we can provide you a unique experience.

Surajgarh is away from the hustle of the city life, near to the natural scenic view. The place is within your reach, situated on golf course extension and spread over 15 acres. We are here to serve you the raw experience of a village life, keeping in mind your comfort. Come and explore it yourself. See you soon at Surajgarh. As it is said in Rajasthan- "padharo mhare desh".