Surajgarh Park - Gurgaon

Q. What are the timings to visit the Surajgarh Park?
A. The timings are 09.00 AM TO 07.00 PM, Monday - Friday/09.00 AM TO 09.00 PM, Saturday - Sunday.

Q. What are the entry charges to the park?
A. Please visit ticket page .

Q. Can one buy a ticket using debit or credit card?
A.Yes, Debit/Credit card machines available at the counters

Q. Can we book tickets online?
A. Yes tickets could be booked online.

Q. Is smoking allowed inside the park?
A. Yes at Permitted area.

Q. Is the Park open during Monsoons?
A. Yes, The park will be closed after prior information

Q. Can I bring a pet?
A. No.

Q. Is outside food allowed inside the park?
A. No, we give food as part of ticket.

Q. What are the various food options in the park?
A. Variety of meals are available inside the park.

Q. Do you have a baggage counter facility in the Amusement Park?
A. No

Q. In case of emergency do you have first aid facilities in the park?
A. We have basic first aid facility available - in case of serious concern - injured/ sick person would be transfer to the nearest hospital of Gurgaon.

Q. What are the right clothes to be worn in the Surajgarh Park?
A. Casual attire and for sports activities require sportswear.

Q. Is there WIFI facility in the park?
A. No

Q. Is there ATM facility available in the park?
A. No.

Q. Can one upgrade their ticket (already bought) to the combo offer or any other offer?
A. No

Q. Is the entry ticket to the Surajgarh Park refundable?
A. No

Q. If I exit the Surajgarh Park can I get back in without paying again?
A. No

Q. Can one celebrate their birthday or organize a corporate party inside the park?
A. Yes, For information on the same , please contact at our toll free no. : 8860606088

Q. What is the minimum no. of people required for a group booking/birthday celebration/corporate party?
A. 20

Q. If a person loses their personal belongings, is there any lost and found counter?
A. Yes

Q. Is there any MEMBERSHIP offer for the park?
A. No

Q. Is the Parking free or chargeable? Where to park the vehicle?
A. Parking is Non - chargeable at owner risk.

Q. How do I find about the events happening in the park?
A. For events please visit the Event page on the website.